Stepping beyond Tagalong joining FanstRAvaganza!


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Stepping beyond Tagalong joining FanstRAvaganza!

Posted: February 2, 2012

Description: – Fanny/iz4blue joins FanstRAvaganza 3 as new anchor blogger this year!


FanstRAvaganza: Announcement 2012

One Response to Stepping beyond Tagalong joining FanstRAvaganza!

  • Nah says:

    haven’t seen all of Colin yet (episodes, that is :P) but like what I’ve seen so far favourite geek o/c is Malcolm but I hope Tariq gets a bit “fleshed-out” in seeris 9 (again, the character, not the man/boy). Not necessarily as field agent (though he did well enough as waiter/bellboy). I like his enthusiasm, especially around his toys, and he’ll certainly be less insecure given some time (‘sides, he’s not the newbie on the Grid anymore :D).. and maybe he gets to save the day in an episode.. his way. I just don’t think he’s ruthless enough to make it out there.

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