My top AU / Crossover fanvideos


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My top AU / Crossover fanvideos

Posted: March 12, 2012

Description: Fanny/iz4blue presents favourite AU / crossover fanvideos


FanstRAvaganza: FanstRA 2012

One Response to My top AU / Crossover fanvideos

  • Dhruvchandra says:

    I’ve read the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Adventures, and there is no mention of Guy being sir anihnytg he was an outlaw too, hoping to win his freedom (and the reward) by bringing in/killing Robin. And he was dressed all in horsehair, but other than that, I was sort of amazed at how closely the description matched showed a knit brow, a hooked nose, and a pair of fierce, restless black eyes (ok, his eyes aren’t black) , which altogether made Robin think of a hawk as he looked upon his face. But besides this there was something about the lines on the stranger’s face, and his thin cruel mouth and the hard glare of his eyes, that made one’s flesh creep to look upon. He’s also mentioned as being very tall.Now, I think Richard’s hawklike features are dreamy, but he can get his creep on when he is trying to be scary looking!

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