B is for Beard-love


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B is for Beard-love

Posted: March 14, 2012


http://goo.gl/1A5X0 ChrisB continues her Alphabet with B is for Beard-Love #RichardArmitage

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One Response to B is for Beard-love

  • Dini says:

    bccmee: All hail Peter Jackson for giving him the chacne! Leffe: What?! When did you get out? Back to your cave! Shoo! (Plus I was talking specifically about RA’s Voice, not anyone else’s, however good we may think AR’s is. )Sarah: I agree and hope he’ll keep living back home in Britain rather than settling over in LA.mulubinba: Been years and years since I read the book, so I don’t even remember Bard as a character. Or Thorin, actually. *cough* Will be re-reading it soon-ish, though, and then I’ll probably agree! servetus: As long as it doesn’t mean he has a personality replacement and becomes paparazzi fodder like the rest of them. That would be sad. RAFrenzy: That’s kind of the point, my use of our Richard a sort of half-joke/half serious thing. (Took it from Nanny Ogg in the Discworld books who uses it for the whole family: Our Sean , Our John and so on.) We (the fans) do feel a familiarity with RA, and with that comes a certain level of protectiveness toward him, but how often do we actually stop to think hang on, this is a person we actually don’t know at all ? We’ve just kind of claimed him for our own and defend him like a real Army would. As for privacy, couldn’t agree with you more. There’s one thing to be politely curious about a celebrity, and quite another to start stalking them. The address thing happened to me a few times when I was doing a Thomas Anders fansite, so eventually I put No, I don’t know his address and if I did, I wouldn’t give it out! in the site FAQ. Why would you want to know? If you want to send the guy a letter, send it to his agent! There are some really scary fans out there. (Me someone else even contacted TA’s people just to make them aware of the situation because we were genuinely concerned for his safety, that of his wife and his then unborn child. That fan creeped me out!)Nat: Yeah, I know, cartoons! Some people, eh? Bloody weirdos! *giggle*

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