Fanny/iz4blue (DistRActed musings of one ReAlity)

Coffee with whatcatydidnext @sinjoor has coffee with fan-fiction writer whatcatydidnext

Coffee with Wonblingfree @sinjoor Fanny/iz4blue has coffee with fan-fiction writer Womblingfree

Coffee with LadyBrandon23 Fanny/iz4blue @sinjoor interviews fanfiction author LadyBrandon23 #RichardArmitage

Coffee with Yelloweeee Fanny/iz4blue has coffee with fanfiction author Yelloweeee #RichardArmitage

Tea with StelladelNord Fanny/iz4blue has Tea with StelladelNord #RichardArmitage

Tea with JuleWhatev Fanny/iz4blue interviews fan-fiction writer JuleWhatev

My top AU / Crossover fanvideos Fanny/iz4blue presents favourite AU / crossover fanvideos

In good company: FanstRA tagteamers! iz4blue’s reminder not to oversleep and forget the fun with FanstRA

Stepping beyond Tagalong joining FanstRAvaganza! – Fanny/iz4blue joins FanstRAvaganza 3 as new anchor blogger this year!

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