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Chemistry – The best Richard’s characters relationsships Jonia continues her fan-girl lessons with Chemistry about #RichardArmitage relationships

Anatomy of Richard Armitage’s Feet Jonia continues #RichardArmitage lessons – Biology about RA’s feet

Richard Armitage soundtrack with collages Jonia arranges a soundtrack and collages for #RichardArmitage

History – The most memorable moments in my fangirling Jonia reveals her most memorable moments as #RichardArmitage fangirl

Psychology – How to find balance in “being Richard Armitage’s fan” or “I don’t need to marry him” Jonia with Lessons of Fangirling – today Psychology #RichardArmitage

Math – Are Richard Armitage’s leg really 3’3″ long? Jonia uses math to be certain about length of #RichardArmitage ‘s legs

Richard Armitage game to download, print and cut Jonia trains our fan-memory with Richard Armitage in a Game

FanstRAvaganza 3 – Ready … Steady… ! Jonia’s announcement of FanstRAvaganza 3

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