Whatta we gonna tell our friends when they say “ooh-la-la”?

http://goo.gl/bMnVo @TheSqueee – Whatta we gonna tell our friends when they say “ooh-la-la”?

How durable is Guy of Gisborne?

http://goo.gl/ZMHnJ @ServetusRA about how durable is Guy of Gisborne? #richardarmitage

Coffee with whatcatydidnext

http://goo.gl/Relav @sinjoor has coffee with fan-fiction writer whatcatydidnext

Naughty or Nice

http://goo.gl/Pbv4u Cat Winchester asks is #RichardArmitage naughty or nice – proved with pictures

Dress and undress Richard Armitage (Paper Doll)

ya href=”http://goo.gl/DzZBw”>http://goo.gl/DzZBw @IWantToBeAPinUp dresses and undresses #RichardArmitage (paper doll)

Melissa the Mouses wishing RA many good cheeses (A poem)

http://goo.gl/QPBuR Gratiana with Melissa wishing #RichardArmitage many good Cheeses

Warning, John Bateman Alert: Watch at your own risk!

http://goo.gl/Ie4QG @JasRangoon gives a #JohnBateman alert – Watch at your own risk! #RichardArmitage

The Impressionists – locations, trivia & one final question

http://goo.gl/PxrTd @Mulubinba58 about The Impressionists locations with a final question #RichardArmitage

Fun and Games

http://goo.gl/qPEu3 @bccmee tests our fan-knowledge with Fun & Games about #RichardArmitage

Fitzg’s journeys – A letter from a Lady

http://goo.gl/iRJp6 Fitzg presents a forgotten letter from Margaret to John Thornton @judiang #RichardArmitage

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