King Richard’s greatest sin Jo Ann discovers King #Richard3 greatest sin #RichardArmitage

How The Hobbit will affect Richard’s career future and where it might be heading @MrsFitzwilliamD – How #TheHobbit will affect Richard’s career future & where it might be heading #RichardArmitage

North & South Fanfiction- Double review – Double giveaway winners @SMaryG FLY HIGH! North & South FanFic – 2 reviews 2 giveaway winners! Romantic super fix of Mr Thornton!

What’s the matter with me!? – by guest blogger Mary3 Nat interviews author and fan Mary3 about What’s the matter with me!? #RichardArmitage

The ChaRActers go to TheRApy – Part 3 @judiang sends Guy of Gisborne to TheRApy (Part 3) #RichardArmitage

Anatomy of Richard Armitage’s Feet Jonia continues #RichardArmitage lessons – Biology about RA’s feet

2nd Blogoversary during FanstRAvaganza @ThePhylly3 2nd Blogoversary during FanstRAvaganza #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage – Physical preparation for roles and the importance of injury prevention in acting @Mulubinba58 about physical preparations for roles by #RichardArmitage

Standring room only – Drag and drop magazine @bccmee. Magazine about John Standring #Sparkhouse – Needs contributions fast! #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage & Richard III @CDoart about #RichardArmitage & King #Richard3

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