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Closing Ceremony – Awards for FanstRAvaganza 3 Participants

http://goo.gl/sIihv @bccmee has Awards for all FanstRAvaganza3 participants and commentators on her blog – Get your batch!

Fun and Games

http://goo.gl/qPEu3 @bccmee tests our fan-knowledge with Fun & Games about #RichardArmitage

Standring room only – Drag and drop magazine

http://goo.gl/6iENB @bccmee. Magazine about John Standring #Sparkhouse – Needs contributions fast! #RichardArmitage

Who was your first?

http://goo.gl/NDNg0 @bccmee interviews us fans and asks “Who was your first?” #RichardArmitage character

Thorin Romance

http://goo.gl/EZtGY @bccmee has a Thorin Romance for us today #RichardArmitage

Lucas Collaboration Project

http://goo.gl/DCJC7 @bccmee does a Collaboration Project – Hurry with entries! #LucasNorth

John Mulligan – Is he hiding something?

http://goo.gl/9nWqy @bccmee created wonderful game how to rate good boyfriend material

Captain America: The First Avenger

http://goo.gl/A8Kpu @bccmee interviews Adrian, father to Maxwell Newman, the boy in Captain America

Counting down to FanstRAvaganza

http://goo.gl/iBtoK Invitation banner to FanstRAvaganza 3 by bccmee

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