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FanstRAvaganza – King Richard from Fan-Perspective FanstRAvaganza – King #Richard3 from fan-perspective in 1 week of articles

Richard Armitage – Historical interest for men @CDoart about #RichardArmitage and what historical interest means for men

Richard Armitage & Richard III @CDoart about #RichardArmitage & King #Richard3

Richard Armitage & Historical hairstyle @CDoart about historical hairstyle for #RichardArmitage

Richard Armitage & Historical costume @CDoart writes about #RichardArmitage in historical costume

Richard Armitage & Women @CDoart talks about #RichardArmitage & Women

Richard Armitage – Fantasy & History @CDoart about Fantasy & History – End of Poll: Thorin Oakenshield – King #Richard3

King Richard III and FanstRAvaganza 3 King #Richard3 and FanstRAvaganza 3 – This weeks posts and links

Richard Armitage & History & Acting CDoart about Richard Armitage & History & Acting

2 Announcements: Scholarships & FanstRAvaganza 2 Announcements at KRA – the ‘scholarship’ of FanstRAvaganza ;o)

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