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He sings! Armitage in a Movie Musical!

http://goo.gl/S02xV @faboamanto He sings! Armitage in a Movie Musical #RichardArmitage

The eyes have it: Armitage eyelash fetish

http://goo.gl/tHhyU @faboamanto confesses The Eyes Have It: #RichardArmitage Eyelash Fetish

When Richard Armitage is Richard III, who should play Anne Neville?

http://goo.gl/hAcUF @faboamanto asks: If #RichardArmitage is #Richard3 who should play Anne Neville?

Richard Armitage talks about his fans

http://goo.gl/RrwTg @faboamanto #RichardArmitage Talks About His Fans

Armitage Academy of American Accents

http://goo.gl/zVUCQ @faboamanto about Armitage at American Accent School

FanstRAvaganza3 is heating up: Meet the team

http://goo.gl/0AzTx Fabolaktuko announces all participants of FanstRAvaganza 3

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