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F3 Wrap-Up and Stick Figure Richard’s Adventures in Middle Earth Nat about @StickFigRichard ‘s Adventures in Middle Earth

What’s the matter with me!? – by guest blogger Mary3 Nat interviews author and fan Mary3 about What’s the matter with me!? #RichardArmitage

Over the hill and out of the closet – by guest blogger Phoebe Nat’s guest Phoebe comes ‘Over the hill and out of the closet’ for #RichardArmitage

If Richard had a superpower … – Guestblogger Liza aka the Longhairedtoad Nat’s guest Longhairedtoad about – If #RichardArmitage had a superpower …

Richard Armitage interactive Crossword Puzzle Nat spoils us with a Crossword Puzzle about #RichardArmitage

Diary of a Crinkleholic – by guest blogger SiouxsieSioux Nat’s guest blogger SiouxsieSioux reveals her Diary of a Crinkleholic

FanstRAvaganza Kick-Off + a Game and Give-Away! Nat and SFR conspire in a Nose-Game – Take part and win a SFR cup!

A FanstRAvocity Nat explains FanstRAvaganza – with a picture and reason for it all

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