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What’s coming?

http://goo.gl/UdY2t @RAFrenzy asks what’s coming 2012 with #TheHobbit #RichardArmitage

Telling Stories

http://goo.gl/4vk92 @RAFrenzy and #RichardArmitage are Telling Stories


http://goo.gl/3YqGz @RAFrenzy is ‘flying’ with #RichardArmitage – Read more here!

I think therefore I am a Great Actor

http://goo.gl/qBlnd @RAFrenzy with “I Think Therefore I am a Great Actor” #RichardArmitage

Understanding Richard Armitage

http://goo.gl/0HeuK @RAFrenzy works a miracle and understands #RichardArmitage

Let the Conversation begin

http://goo.gl/bICWj @RAFrenzy begins the Conversation of FanstRAvaganza 3!

It’s all about Richard Armitage, Baby!

http://goo.gl/06CRS RAFrenzy’s explanation of what FanstRAvaganza 3 is all about

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