Math – Are Richard Armitage’s leg really 3’3″ long?


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Math – Are Richard Armitage’s leg really 3’3″ long?

Posted: March 13, 2012

Description: Jonia uses math to be certain about length of #RichardArmitage ‘s legs


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2 Responses to Math – Are Richard Armitage’s leg really 3’3″ long?

  • Having discovered the wonders of Richard Armitage not too long ago, one of the things that really stood out were his wonderfully long legs. I am so excited to see that I am not the only one entranced by his manly attributes. I have to say that Sorokowski’s study on body proportion hardly supports real life; why do men like models with long legs? I for sure love Mr. Armitage’s 3.3 ft long, muscular legs. Great calculations!

    • Mihai says:

      I feel similar to RAFrenzy, in that even thguoh I blog about RA, it’s all in fun and I’m not on my computer 24/7. I have a life outside of this hobby. Blogging is an outlet and when it stops being fun (or if life ever became too busy) I’d take a break. Most of our blogs aren’t news channels we rely on the more professional RA sites to provide us with that info, and then we sometimes post about the buzz topics~ mainly our reaction to whatever is going on. Althguoh I thguoht the SB publicity was a bit much, I’m glad it got the word out for our favorite actor. 🙂

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