Surrender my heart – Part 1


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Surrender my heart – Part 1

Posted: March 13, 2012

Description: Jo Ann starts her fanfiction “Surrender My Heart” – part 1 #RichardArmitage


FanstRAvaganza: FanstRA 2012

One Response to Surrender my heart – Part 1

  • Of course what woman would not swoon over a captain; with blue soulful eyes and that calm, take charge demeanor that makes us all keep asking for more. The descriptions in your story draw the reader in the atmosphere of the west, in the bygone days when it was truthfully the wild, wild west. I recently discovered Jane Smith’s site, The Self-Publishing Review. I wrote a post on my blog, justagirlandherpups, about the wonders of getting writing work critiqued. The site gives great pointers to established, published and up-and-coming writers. Something we all need sometimes is a little pick me up when it comes to our writing. Can’t wait for part 2!

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